About Phone Calibre
The Trusted Mobile Device Certification Service
Buying a used smartphone online can be a real hit or miss experience. The description may sound great however, you don’t really have any way of knowing for sure if the device is actually going to meet your expectations. Selling a used smartphone can also be difficult. You can take pictures and describe your smartphone to the best of your ability, but at the end of the day, you don’t really have a way to prove the condition of your smartphone. The fact of the matter is, traditionally, verified information about the condition of a used smartphone is not available until after the phone is sold, shipped out, and received by the buyer.

Here at Phone Calibre, we are passionate about creating solutions for the modern smartphone industry. Our primary goal is to bridge the information gap between buyers and sellers of used smartphones by providing a simple to use, accurate, unbiased, and secure platform where smartphones can be tested and the condition can be certified. Phone Calibre gives sellers the ability to prove the condition of their device, and provides buyers with the information they need in order to make an informed decision about purchasing a used smartphone.

We are always looking to the future, and finding new and better ways to serve our customers. Phone Calibre is the solution for smartphone certification.