What Is It Like to Be a TikTok Star?

You must have come across dozens of TikTok stars daily on the For You pages, and they seem have fun all the time. The way they look probably makes you dream about this same fate. Let’s find out what it’s really like to be a TikTok superstar and what advantages you can get if you become one!


TikTok stars really earn money doing things they love. Creating TikTok content is their hobby that is why the money is made easier. TikTok celebrities at least making enough money for living and have potential to make even more, which depends on their creativity. As long as creativity can be learned, there are no obstacles for anybody to consider career as a TikToker.

Media Attention

In any social platform, when the content is going viral, the author is always attracting media attention, too. TikTok stars (users which have most tiktok followers) may be invited to the MTV Music Awards, talk shows, radio programs and other media channels. It is typical that a TikTok star is interviewed for a journal or a famous blog, too. So, famous TikTokers really have a chance to go beyond the platform and look for opportunities in show business.


Again, TikTok stars are doing what they love to do, because you can only be that catchy to collect a TikTok fanbase, if you’re passionate about what you’re creating. So, if you want to have fun and do what you love, choose wisely what kind of content will never make you feel like you burn out. This is the key to success and an important decision to make before starting a career as a TikToker.

Now you see, that the effort is worth it! By making several wise decisions, you can build a solid foundation for your future career as a TikToker. TikTok stars are making money and having a lot of fun by doing what they really love. Give it a try!

What Hashtags Are Best for TikTok Promotion?

It is important to develop a strategy on how you use TikTok hashtags to promote your account. Sometimes users add either too many of them or just add too irrelevant hashtags, which do not generate more TikTok likes, views, or other reactions. That is why we have prepared this article to help you learn how to choose best TikTok hashtags.

First of all, never ignore hashtags if your goal is to promote your TikTok account. They are the real tools to make your videos visible to the broader audience, because new accounts are hardly found by other users. There’s less probability that your account will grow, if you use no hashtags at all.

Secondly, your hashtags should be relevant. Don’t use too broad terms, because the content will drown in the ocean of the popular videos. To reach your audience choose as precise hashtags as possible. Use the search to find out what hashtags are popular in your niche. For instance, if you’re performing lip-sync, it’s better to use the names of the songs and artists to reach the audience that listens to them, too.

Finally, if your account already has a TikTok fanbase, you can start your own hashtags. This will add a unique style to your content and promote your own brand. To make your hashtags shine, you should work on creating a viral content that will be loved by many people. To learn how to create viral content you can read our articles on How to Make Your TikTok Content Go Viral or What Type of Content to Choose for Your TikTok Promotion. Small spoilers: memes are the best tool to make the content viral!

Follow these three steps, and you will notice how the number of TikTok views grows in your account. For more tips research our blog and learn about more TikTok lifehacks to promote your account and reach the TOP of the TikTok rankings!

How to Make TikTok Videos Go Trending?

If you are searching for the tips on how to make your TikTok content go trending, you must be serious in your intentions to become a TikTok star. This is really cool that you have such an ambitious vision and it takes courage to start this path! You have already realized that the viral effect is bringing more TikTok views, likes and followers. Now you will learn several tips for creating trending TikTok content.

Firstly, you can always engage in such activities as challenges. They are truly native for TikTok. Though there where challenges on Instagram before TikTok emerged, TikTok challenges are more creative and they have their own style. You can take part in already launched challenges or you can make up your own!

Secondly, don’t ignore the hashtags. Though the first usage of hashtags may bring no effect at all, the systematic approach in TikTok hashtags use is the key to gradual organic growth of your TikTok account. You can find the key tips for building a better TikTok hashtags strategy in our blog!

Finally, the better the concept of the videos, the more chances people will memorize it and share it with others. Choose the catchy ideas for your TikTok content concept to integrate it to any videos that you make. It can be your special outfits, tricks, room design, products, songs and movies. Whatever you choose, stick to it and develop your creativity to deliver better things every day within this concept.

Follow these tips and you will notice the growth of your TikTok account. You can always use some paid promotion services, too, such as tiktokfollowers.info, whenever you need some help with making your videos trending. In our blog you can find more tips on How to Choose the Types of Content for Your TikTok Account and How to Go TikTok Famous.